Dynamic Solutions together with the legal activities & representation performed on behalf of overseas clients in Bulgaria, has always strived to offer their clients - property investors, the best and most effective real estate solutions. Through many years of service on the non-regulated and self-developing Bulgarian real estate market, we have outlined the goal to help our client to find the property which suits their need, without paying a fortune for it, without being obliged to pay high commission rates, taxes and fees for the properties they wish to acquire. The purpose of this Bulgarian real estate section is to help namely: 
- these clients of ours who have initially/previously used our conveyance services in buying a real estate in Bulgaria, and have already decided to re-sell their Bulgarian real estates, i.e. to complete the results of their property investment in Bulgaria without making further expenses, and 
- all these current and prospective clients of ours who seek to buy a Bulgarian property, but do not want to undergo the strenuous checks and the uncertainty when choosing a future investment along with all the expenses (high reservation deposits, agent fees payable up front), and delays caused by various property and owner investigations, tactless attitude by sellers and aggresive approach by various intermediaries. Our main goal is to afford to our clients - foreign property investors, the opportunity to make the smartest choice in terms of time, additional fees, taxes and nerve, where to purchase a Bulgarian real estate with clear and confirmed by us legal status, on affordable price, without commission fees, without complication, while reducing their expenses within the property purchase process. On a specific section of our website we have also outlined the recent specifics, which we have found in relation to the Bulgarian real estate market for the last couple years, as well the opportunities for real estates and purchases. If you are planning to invest in Bulgarian real estates, please visit our section 

We are Bulgarian property lawyers so the vital checks/due diligence for all the Bulgarian real estates included in the section have been already made by us in the course of our legal work, legal statuses confirmed to be fine and all the utility bills and taxes have been cleared. We have handled the properly transfers of these properties back in time and we are familiar with the legal concrete aspects of the legal process where now we can ensure a stright deal without involving any commission fees or any third parties (intermediaries) in the process. In addition we will be able to offer you a discount on our conveyance fees and to save time to you if we represent you on the purchase process as well, because a lot of our legal work has been done in advance - where we can present the results to you straight away, once you have chosen the property and wish to know details about its current legal status, actual price and terms for completion of a straight purchase of the concrete Bulgarian real estate. 

Please contact us if one of the listed here Bulgarian properties covers all your requirements and the criteria of your choice and we will be happy to make the contact with its owner/seller thus avoiding all the commission fees you usually may be liable to pay to others when purchasing a Bulgarian property. 

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